I have received an interesting email request about how to become a professional basketball player in Europe from Algeria in Africa.

Hello, I am a professional basketball player in Algeria, but I want to become a professional in Europe, even if he is in the fourth league, knowing that I am poor and cannot pay the cost of joining.

To play in Europe there is no cost in joining any team and it should not be requested from any team or basketball agency. Your economic status does not determine your ability to play basketball abroad in Europe. However, you will need exposure, a great game and help of an agency. In Europe many leagues and countries have a limits on foreign players in which they call Bosman players and the classification of those players depends on the country of residence and birth.

Bosman A vs Bosman B

Bosman A

Players who have or can obtain a Bosman A passport is almost like having a gold card. You could have the option of playing 25 different European countries within the European Union. The possibility to play as a national player in three different divisions, one including Spain, which is considered one of the top professional basketball countries today. You will see many opportunities develop if you have this type of passport. If you were born or have a European Union citizenship you would be consider a Bosman A player.

Bosman B

Players who don’t originate from the European Union are Bosman B players and would occupy the position of a foreign player on a team and normally it has its limits between 1-2 per team. You must be a great player and have talents like no other.

That said, a player with an African national citizenship would be consider a Bosman B player and would have to be very good and have a lot of exposure to play in Europe!

Don’t be deterred, but do everything that you can to be the best player that you can become or try to obtain a Bosman A passport!

Good luck 🙂