English Pro Basketball Contracts

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Normally if you are about to sign with a professional basketball team overseas it is normal that the original contract will be in native country of the team. Why? Quite frankly because it is their native language, their team of lawyers knows the laws of the “land” so to speak and what better way to understand terms than to understand it in your own language. However for you, you should not fret because if you have an agent who is certified FIBA agent all of your contracts will be in English and if they are not you certainly must request it.

Imagine receiving a basketball contract in Serbian and then translating it with Google Translate, well as you can imagine you will lose a lot in translation. The essentials of a pro basketball contract has a particular language and understanding that no online translation tool will be able to interpret. That is why large basketball agencies team up with partners in various countries that speaks the native language, understands the laws and contracts surrounding basketball in that particular country to avoid any mishap and bad contracts between the player and team.

Interpreting your contract

When you are able to receive your contract for review and it is in English and you don’t understand it, I would recommend a lawyer. Although that is what a great basketball agent is for, to help break down the good, the bad and the ugly before you sign. Some agents could sugar coat certain points in a contract so that you can sign quickly but a good agent will help clear any doubts and communicate them with the team or manager. Be sure to ask a lot of questions before signing a digital basketball contract or a physical contract.

Non English-Contracts and Speakers

In this case I say English basketball contracts but if you are not a native English speaker, I would request the contract in your language and if it is not possible it is obvious that English will be your best bet. Before signing any basketball contract and you don’t understand it fully, I recommend sending it to a professional translator in your country so that you understand everything.