For coaches in the USA who aspire to coach basketball in Europe it is always best to either have great references from coaches in Europe, a terrific agent or certification of the European game. Which in many cases can be a lot different than in the States. Accreditation from Universities who offer the program such as: University Of Worcester that offer a program for individuals who look to increase their basketball knowledge and all facets of the game.


Applicants should have a good first degree in a coaching related degree. Students/Applicants who hold a lower coaching-related degree classification, or a non-coaching related degree will be considered on a case by case basis and may be required to submit a portfolio of evidence to demonstrate coaching experience.

A critical understanding of the game and coaching process is a basic requirement of admission. Candidates with an acceptable academic background and/or extensive experience in the game of basketball may apply for Accreditation of prior learning (APL) and experience (APEL). It is advisable for candidates to discuss this with the Course Leader initially.


Modules of Education & Training Include:

  • European Basketball Coaching Concepts
  • European Basketball Coaching Pedagogy
  • Scientific Concepts of Basketball Coaching
  • Current Issues in Basketball Research
  • Dissertation
  • Professional Practice
  • Research Methods


Upcoming Schedule

July-August 2011: Annual Basketball Conference/Clinic in Kaunas. Students will be required to attend for the three days prior to the conference for an Induction into the MSc programme and to remain for a further three days post conference for the taught element of the modules covered: Research Methods, European Basketball Coaching Concepts and European Basketball Coaching Pedagogy.

January 2012: University of Worcester visit: Students will visit the University of Worcester for one week to study taught elements of European Basketball Coaching Pedagogy, Scientific Concepts of Basketball Coaching modules. They will also submit the assessment for the European Basketball Coaching Concepts module.

July-August 2012: Annual Basketball Conference, Kaunas: Students will attend the three days prior to the conference. Modules covered: Current Issues in Basketball Research, Applied Professional Placement. Assessment submission for the European Basketball Coaching Pedagogy and Scientific Concepts of Basketball Coaching modules.

January 2013: University of Worcester visit: Students will visit the University of Worcester for one week. Modules: Research Methods presentation, Advanced Independent Study Conference.

July-August 2013: Conference invitations: Invitation for students to present their Advanced Independent Study research (Dissertation) at the Annual Basketball Conference, Kaunas, or at the 10th World Congress of Performance Analysis in Sport taking place at the University of Worcester.

November 2013: Graduation ceremony at Worcester Cathedral. *A range of accommodation is available at competitive prices for visits to the
University of Worcester and the Lithuanian Academy of Physical Education.


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