Keeping track of your progress is good. However, being obsessed isn’t. Tracking is good to see your weak and strong areas, so that you can improve and become a great all around player. Plus, if you are trying to play basketball overseas it is important to keep track as well. Below are the top four apps for keeping your basketball stats in the iTunes Store!

iScout Basketball

Track your player, team or competition. Record stats for all levels of basketball supporting multiple teams, leagues, and seasons. Minimal touches to log data for fast input during the game. Email customized reports per game,player or season.

HoopStats Basketball Scoring

HoopStats is by far the BEST and most comprehensive basketball statistics tracker application for the iPhone and iPod Touch. This application allows coaches, statisticians, parents, and even fans to keep track of important player and team statistics for their favorite (and even opponents’) basketball teams.

Basketball Statware

Now you can enter statistics for your basketball team on your iPhone or iPod Touch right at the game. After the game, you then upload the game statistics into your Web Enabled Digital Scout basketball statistics website, where you can view and generate statistical reports and analysis.

BBallStats Manager

Pretty much like those above.