How do you measure your success off and on the court? Well, it can be measured in many ways. Those of you who’ve made it overseas, AWESOME, those who haven’t, don’t be bummed about it. The lifetime of a basketball player varies a lot and no one should ever get down if they have never “made it”. There are so many equations that go into the possibility of being a professional basketball player or coach. First, how hard have you actually worked on reaching your goal?

Do you wake up and think about improving everyday? Have you reached out and make connections with all of your contacts and your contacts friends? Your future depends on you. If you have done all that you can to be successful, you will reach your goals. However, it does take a reasonable amount of patience.

I’m one, am a very impatient person at times. However, over the years I know when to be patient and do everything that I have to reach my goals. Slowly but surely, things start happening and at times too fast!!

So, measuring your success should be focused on what you’ve done and that means 100% towards your goal. Once you’ve done that and keep at it, you’ll see results! Don’t give up, at any stage of your process to play professional basketball overseas or in your country. If you don’t make it, re-evaluate and make changes to your process and you’ll see how other things could develop!

Good luck all!!