priavte coaching basketballLess than month left for collegiate athletes to get back to school and probably a few weeks later start basketball preseason.  For those in high school you still have time to get your game together. A couple of months ago I came across a private basketball coaching website that seems pretty neat. Players are able to send in their tapes/video/dvd to and the coaches give you detailed instructions how to improve your game.

Coaches from a wide variety of experience such as amateur, international,  and professional basketball coaches.  You receive a step by step analysis of your game. Then you take that knowledge and go work on it before the season begans. You don’t get ready for the basketball season during the basketball season. Everything happens in the off-season! Also, the great thing about Video Coach Me is that you can try it for free. I remember when I first visited the website it was all paid, now you can try it and decide later its value to you. But I’m sure from the example videos and testimonials you’ll be happy with the services.

Here are the list of Elite coaches:

  • Ed Schilling
  • April McDivitt-Foster
  • Dr. Hal Wissel
  • Ken Barer
  • Alan Lambert
  • Shelly Till
  • Hernado Planells
  • Dale Osborne
  • Avi Meyerson
  • Nadine Domond
  • Myndi Hill
  • Jerry Jones
  • Scott Fields
  • Gilad Shoham
  • Al Morales, Jr.
  • Mike Nicols
  • Dymetrius Ware
  • Brian Huber
  • Jeremy Russotti

You can’t go wrong with a trial. And if later you decide the pricing is great a well: $49 (30min session) & $89 (60min session) and it includes:

  1. A LiveEvaluation™ – private session with the top coach you selected
  2. A step by step analysis of your game
  3. The undivided attention of a leading coach
  4. The coach will walk you through your game, analyze your performance and help
  5. you understand what it takes to reach the college level

Check out and tell them that I sent you! Good luck!