Hi Sylita my first question is their an age limit in order to play overseas and if so what might that age be.

In Europe and Overseas the leagues are different and honestly depending on the level there isn’t much restriction on age. Basketball clubs in Europe are very different from the structure in the USA. They have leagues based on age, similar to AAU basketball and if you’re a good player no matter the age limit pretty much you can play in a top level team. Ricky Rubio of Spain played in the ACB Spain which is equivalent to the NBA in the USA (for Spain) and he started when he was 16. Now this year he’ll be drafted pretty sure in the first round.

Why is it so difficult to get responses from agents and/or coaches for try-outs?

Well I think its common, for agents many are picky and are looking for players who have a “name” or those who have proven themselves as a professional player already. Now with so many players it can be difficult but not impossible. But in the Spring and Summer agents and clubs are busy building on the new season and new teams aren’t finalized, budgets etc. Best time to contact agents honestly is during the winter season and right before Spring!

i am M.A  I in exercise physiology and nutrition . i want to study and work about basketball nutrition and physiology , please show me how can i start and be success.tnx

Please visit After Basketball where the website explains how to start your own business has a basketball nutritionist or trainer.

I am 5’8″  2-3 guard currently playing Division 2 basketball. When I graduate, I want to play overseas basketball, is it going to be harder for me since I am shorter and more of a shooting guard then point guard?

It will be harder mostly because a lot European teams are looking for big power forwards and centers. If you’re a shorter guard, you have to really stand out and be exceptional. Or start in a lower level league and work your way up! But it’s not impossible

How do i get in touch with a agent?

I honestly think the best approach is by telephone. The internet is great to find Basketball Agents and agencies but to get a real clear response, calling is favorable and being prepared and organized of course. Have your profile ready to be sent by any means possible: Email, fax or regular snail mail.