With many school rivalries going on and the nations top players being awarded prestigious awards makes March Madness more interesting. NCAA D-I rival teams may range from UNC vs. Duke to Georgetown vs. UConn which has been some of the most exciting games in history. The NCAA Basketball Tournament is the most watched college event other than the BCS Championships. With teams throughout the NCAA D-I playing their best for a chance to earn a spot in the 64 team tournament bracket makes the conference tournaments very interesting. In past NCAA tournaments there have been many underdogs that have made it far in tournament play if not winning the NCAA Tournament.

March Madness has been one of the most anticipated sporting events other than the NBA Playoffs, Superbowl and FIFA Championship. Mens Final Four will be held in Detroit this year while the Womens Final Four 2009 will be held in St. Louis where the most competitive games will be played. Many #1 teams in the past have been upset in the early rounds of the NCAA tournament mens and womens. When teams win their conference’s championship they automatically earn a spot in the NCAA tournament. While many teams earn a spot in the tournament by their team’s ranking in the Associated Press (AP) Rankings. So stay tuned for more information on the NCAA tournament for both mens and womens games and tournament births.

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