Every year I make a special post for those who wish to play professional basketball overseas. This year I’m gonna do more predictions of what to expect and what to stay away from during your quest to play basketball abroad.

2009 Basketball Overseas Predictions

  1. More teams folding in Europe due to the economy
  2. Rise of basketball agent scams via internet and email
  3. More players lowering salaries abroad
  4. More teams and clubs scouting for out of college players for cheaper prices
  5. More teams looking for European Players

Things to remember!!

  • If you’re a senior focus on your teams results so that you’ll be noticed as a team player
  • Never send money to an agent. At that point, it is a scam
  • Never give out your passport information unless you’re in a contract with a legit agent
  • Be cautious of offers that are super great (especially if you’re right out of college).
  • Always go with your gut feeling, because it never fails to tell you whats right or wrong!

Good luck!