Another edition of Q & A!

I really want to play overseas, but I don’t know where to start? Is it a good idea to contact people on the internet?

You can start by contacting players who have played overseas and use their contacts to find agents and teams. Close recommendations are always 99% safer than with people from the internet. I’ve seen many basketball scams to rise the past couple of years. Some players have lost money by sending to scam artist who promise a basketball dream. Remember never pay for an agent. With most contracts the team pays the agent if they are legit.

well if i had an agent i would like to know if he or she can get me a scholarship and well i want a agent that can help me really

A agent can help you get overseas. I’m not sure of the NCAA rules if agents can help you get a scholarship. I recommend you reading or getting free reports of the Recruit Me website

What is the best way for me to get into playing overseas if I didn’t play basketball in high school or college, but have the skill and knowledge for the game?

The best way is to participate if you could in combines because with demonstration of your game you’re nobody. You have to travel and play in leagues so teams and agents can see you.

Does China allow americans to play for their team? if so, how do i make contact? i am moving to china from the united states, and i just graduated from fresno state, where i played division one basketball. Thanks!

Yes, China does allow American players. There are specific agents who work with top basketball players who want to play in China. Most teams in China are looking for names and big players so its not an easy task!

Hi,   I want to know about local tryouts in Texas  for either professional teams or semi-professional teams.  I have college experience, but due to injuries never completed my basketball career. I am healthy and working out to get back in shape.  Please let me know.  Thanks, Art

Yes, this is a team the Dallas Diesel which has helped many players get overseas with their contacts and leagues. They are serious in helping players and get your name out there. I can’t say enough more good things about them!

English, Scotish, Irish basketball league and Slovenian one. Can u compare them??

The English, Scotish and Irish basketball leagues are considerably the same and because the countries are mainly focused on European Football (Soccer) you can see it in the quality of basketball leagues. They aren’t the best leagues in Europe. In Slovenia, the league is well known in Europe and have 4 different divisions, which says a lot about the quality.

i’m still playing college basketball and i wanted to knew if it’s aginst ncaa rules to go to a an overseas basketball clinic

I don’t have a 100% answer but if you are working out its like any camp/clinic to improve your skills, I guess its ok. However, if teams and agents approach you to play in the league that would go against NCAA rules.