Recently I created a basketball workout and yesterday I received a comment by Dee Sharma which included a workout that I will present below. If you want to contact Dee Sharma please leave a comment or send her an email.

Try doing this workout:

Basketball Workout

0:00 – 0:05 stretching, 40 push-ups, lunges full-court back, jog
full-court back with and without ball

0:05 – 0:20 elephant , elephant dribble, behind the back, jump stop
behind the back, spin move, crossover, threw legs, spin move 2 dribbles back
then go, in and out, in and out cross, in and out behind the back, threw legs
cross, double threw legs, and in and out threw legs, do each 2-3 times up and back

0:20 – 0:25 water break

0:25 – 0:35 Steve Nash warm up jumpers, banks, floaters, lay-ups, step
backs, turnarounds, hook shots, and 3ptrs

0:35 – 0:40 slide dribble

0:40 – 0:55 ball slaps, Finger tip touches, Ball wraps, Corkscrew,
wraps around each leg(both ways), figure 8 wraps(both ways), one hand dribbles
around each leg(both hands),figure eight dribbles around both legs(both ways),
Ball drops(one hand front one hand back), Ball drops(both hands front and back)

0:55 – 1:00 water break

1:00 – 1:10 catch and shoot(spin ball out), shot fake one dribble
pull-ups left and right, and shot fake two dribble pull-ups left and right (5 times)

1:10 – 1:15 jump rope 3/30

1:15 – 1:20 dribble right hand crossover half court and left hand back (twice)

The elphant drill or crab walk is when you are going threw your legs but not dribbling going in a straight line up and down the court.

If u have any questions or need another workout contact Dee Sharma at