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I have no college playing experience but am a good player. Are there any avenues i can take to get a tryout. Even at the lowest levels?

Everything is possible, but contacting a good basketball agent would be your best bet to market your skills and getting a video of you playing in some type of good competition and organized ball.

How long does it usually take for a coach or agent to get back with you as a client, or player.

Well normally if a coach or agent is interested they would contact you back pretty fast. In most cases, coaches and teams get requests from many players daily. So, I can imagine they would look up your name online to see if you’ve played in college and find stats to see if you’re worth contacting. It is a business and its easier to market players who have experience and proof of game.

I am a player looking for where to start playing my pro career anywhere arounnd the world and i have a vidoe incase you a interested in it my question is how should i start playing pro basketball below is my video for you.

To answer your question, from your video and information that I see, you’re doing exactly right. You are exposing yourself online with video and stats from your career. Now like most players unless they sign multiple year contracts, is wait for an opportunity to arise and decide upon it.

Were do you find agents best? Do you go online or is there like offices were u can go like travel agents?

If you know of a player who plays overseas and they have an agent, you should ask them. Perhaps their agent can work with you. Mostly, word of mouth and experience from other players is a great way to find a good agent. Also, top websites such as Basketball Connect and Basketball Agencies Directory is a source where you can find agencies as well. Once you find an agency you like, try asking for a players information to find out more about the agency.

How can i start my process into going overseas to play basketball when i come out of high school?

I can say its relatively hard because you only have references of playing against youger and smaller players. Unlike as a professional who have most likely played in college and play up against top players who have the same skills. I recommend finding an agency who has experience with marketing high school players.

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