The 4th Annual Italian Basketball Exposure Camp is back again!

Location: “San Benedetto del Tronto” ITALY
Dates: 16-22 june 2008

This summer the  ITALIAN BASKET CAMP 08 will be in a located on the beach!! It will be a wonderful time to play and expose your self but also to have and see a nice place!
The Italian basket exposure camp hostel is around 50 meters from the gym and around 200 to the beach!!

italian basketball campLast summer the camp was a great success. This upcoming June there will  be more opportunities for players to get exposure with the coaching clinic (where coaches will attend). Also, there will be 3 on 3 for youth teams close to the gym (so clubs can come and bring players to the 3vs 3 and then stop lookin players at our camp)
Like last year we have a 3 point and slam dunk contest where prizes is money. All players will get a chance to buy camp dvds or extra jeresys or shorts. And like last year, the players are given two different opportunities to participate or full camp June 16-22 or only the Italian Basketball Tournament June 16-22.
But it is strongly suggest to participate to the full camp where you have more chances to know coaches, managers etc, and see if you can work with the camp organization in placing you in europe.

The closest airports are :

  • Pescara
  • Ancona
  • Roma

Getting there is very easy by taking a train or bus to the location. Players will stay in an hostel. Food is not included. Organization has no liabilty about injuries.

Read a testimonial from the camp

This is Raul Cardenas, and i am currently playing for Crailsheim Merlins, team from a Bundesliga 2 Pro B in Germany. I would like to recognize some of the factors of how i got the Job!!!!!!

First, After i graduated from College in the United States, nobody, no agents really offered me anything for sure, but i heard from an agent about the Italian camp that Daniele Aniello, my friend was running in Perugia, so I decided to go over there. I did not what to expect in the camp. I did not what kind of players were going to be, so as soon as i got there, they picked me up and i stayed in a hotel with the other players. Players all over the world, unbelievable. Players from USA, Spain, Italy, Check Republic, Ireland, Italy,France, United Kingdom, etc. So at that moment, i was like, ” I better be ready to play” around 60 players all over the world trying to get a job from the camp.
Also, the camp was very organized with 8 team, each team had a coach. Coaches from Germany, Portugal , USA, so i really liked the fact that we were lead for coaches. So, gladly i had the MVP award from the camp, and i got a job in Germany, also with 2 other players from the camp. I think 10 other players or more signed for different teams thanks for the camp.
In conclusion, i can say that when i needed for people to help me to get a job, there was nobody there, but thanks for Danielo Aniello and his camp i got a job and i am happy becasue all this opened my doors for my basketball future career.

Moreover, i would like to dedicate some words to Daniele. I think for a young guy, he has the potential to be a good agent in the future. He is really involve in the basketball marketing. He knows people, and people know him. He also has a good character and personality. I hope he could still work on his camps and try to develop in the best way he could do, so in the future no longer many people around the world can see the good job he has been doing during this years.

Thank you very much.
Raul Cardenas.