This is guest blogged by Tyler Smith, a good buddy of mine who offers a great service for basketball players to promote themselves through video. He offers professional basketball player videos.

basketballglobe.jpgThe off-season is around the corner and it will soon be time to market your players as hard as possible. Copying, editing, and mailing out DVDs around the world can be very TIME CONSUMING and EXPENSIVE.

One great way to SAVE TIME and MONEY is to post players’ game videos ONLINE. Then, they can be viewed INSTANTLY by pro teams, coaches, and GMs. You can send GAME VIDEOS to UNLIMITED teams around the world!

At, we want to make it EASIER for you to send your players’ videos out to Pro Teams!

  • NEW and BIGGER Video Player
  • Videos can be watched in Quicktime, Flash, or Downloaded
  • Great Quality Video!
  • Agent’s Page to Market ONLY YOU PLAYERS!

Video Example

Profile Example

Mail us your DVDs. We post them online for you. Videos can be viewed by

SAVE TIME AND MONEY sending out Game Videos! Discounts available for agents!

Pro Basketball Player Video Rates:

6-month package ($50) – 45min. game video, bio, contact info

1-year package ($75) – 45min. game video, bio, contact info

Extra game video footage – $20 per extra 15 min. of game video

These prices are per player (normally $90 and $60). It is then FREE for
anyone to WATCH VIDEOS. Plus, if you need the videos online for an extra
month, that is no problem. And, if the game video is just a little longer
than 45 min, that is ok.

Please let us know if we can help you with your game videos!

Thank you and I wish you the very best during the off-season!