The Flip Video Camera is now off the market and you can only probably find it used. However, with a good smart phone, tablet or camera you can create great highlight film.

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been researching the Flip Video Camera for myself and to recommend if it was worthy enough. I’ve come to the opinion that the Flip video is a great and easy no-flaw way to get your basketball videos online. In the past, I mentioned several ways to create video and the type of software that you would need. After studying the most easiest way for a beginner to get their basketball highlight film onto services such as Youtube, Revver, Veoh, BlipTv .. etc, I believe Flip Video is the best option.

There are two series of Flip Video Cams: Flip Video and Flip Video Ultra. The prices do not exceed $160 and its powered with double AA batteries. The Flip contains a USB adapter integrated so that you can plug-in-play directly into your laptop, pc computer or MAC. Later, it can be upload to those video services fairly quick.

What I love about it is. Of course, when you’re playing you’ll most likely need to ask a friend or family member to record the game. When you have easy equipment such as the Flip VideoCamera its easy to pass along. Just click one button and they’re off recording the game.

You can find the FLIP at BestBuy,, and pretty cheap. Below are some good auction prices.