Well there are no secrets.. Practice makes perfect, although I don’t believe in perfection. I do believe that a good work ethic should be in place. I was watching the NBA All-Star game and the Slam Dunk contest and it inspired me to write on the subject. Starting with the dunk contest. I’m sure the winner Dwight Howard studied a lot about basketball court dimensions before calculating how he was gonna fly through the air like superman. Sure, I know it was done by Jordan back in the day BUT he did add a little flare to the classic “I can fly” dunk.If you want to be an all-star you might want to have all of your basketball equipment ready to go. Here is my quick list:

  • Good basketball shoes are important
  • Comfortable shorts
  • Notebook to keep tabs on your shooting and percentages
  • Good gym or place to practice

I could go on and on but thats my list. I’m sure many of the NBA players have their own private gyms built into their mega-million homes. I know any type of inground basketball system would aid into giving you a lot more time to practice and more convenient. But that shouldn’t stop you. Get in the gym now if you’re not on your way. Anyone can be an All-Star you just have to be dedicated with NO FEAR!