For those who are overseas already or getting ready to go overseas you might want to know one of my favorite services to call to your family and friends through you mobile phone or house phone free. AND IT’S NOT SKYPE. I’m not knocking Skype at all but there are other services that you can call overseas without the use of a computer.

2020 Free Mobile Calls Overseas

Well, times have changed and back then I choice Rebtel because it was one of the kind however now with apps such as iOS Facetime, Android Google Meets, Whatsapp and other service all that you need is an active phone number, wifi or internet data and you can talk for free without the hassle of calling back. Rebtel offered something great back then and it still does for people who mostly use landlines and want cheap calls.


The name of this service is Rebtel and how it works is you connect to another phone without the use of a computer. First you must sign up free with Rebtel and then after you must register with your primary phone number. This can be your home phone number or cell phone. If you have a cell-phone plan with unlimited minutes I would use that number. If you don’t go ahead and use the house number for your primary. You will be designated a Rebtel phone number and depending where your friends are they will receive a local phone number which they can call you and which you can call them.

I had several problems understanding how it worked when I first got started but it is a breeze now. It is as simple as this:

1. You sign up and you place all of your phone numbers which you can be reached.

2. Your friend signs up with their phone number and they will receive a Rebtel number

3. You put your friends normal phone number in your contact list and your friend does the same for you.

4. You both will be given a rebtel phone number which is a local number for you to connect without charges (depending your phone plans).

5. Now that you have your friends number you can call them and they will have to call you back on the number that is assigned to you. It will be local for them if they for example live in another country.