Is it possible that I got the Lebron James 20-5-5 sneakers on for just $36 bucks? Well not for me! I use a service that allows me to bid but sorta invisible. It’s really nothing new but maybe you’ve never heard of it. What occurs is with most services is that you follow these instructions:

1. Sign up with a service of your choice. Some offer a free trial just to try and it is worth to try. Here are a list of services below.


2. You go to ebay and find what you would like to bid on, but don’t place the bid on the website.

3. Copy the ebay auction id # and will be numeric numbers. Paste that number into your service.

4. Note and place the maximum amount that you are willing to pay for just as you do in the ebay website itself but you will be undercover. All services work different so you will have to check how that works.

5. Place your bid and settings based on how many credits and shot that you have.

6. Usually the bidding from these services occur within the final 30 seconds of the auction and the person who is the top bidder doesn’t see you coming because you’re in fact invisible to everyone.

7. Then next hopefully if there isn’t anyone who is using snip service or your amount doesn’t cut it you will win and very cheap!

I have been using Ebay Snip services for almost 3 years now. I’ve purchased a Nike Triax Heart Thermometer Watch, Printer Ink, Computer Parts and of course my beloved Zoom 20-5-5 all really cheap. Yesterday I saw the amount that most of those shoes average per auction and they are usually fetched at around $70 + and well into the 100s. I’m not cheap but I do like to bargain shop when I get the chance!!

Good luck with your basketball shoe shopping for the next season!