rolling duffle bagIf you are traveling overseas for the first time to play basketball it would be smart to do some luggage packing planning. Nowadays there are more restrictions when you fly, especially regards to weight, hand baggage amount and check-in. Normally, international flights allow passengers more weight because of the distances.

On trans-atlantic flights to anywhere in Europe you are allowed on average:

2 Bags Check-In (Max weight each: 50 pounds (23 kilos)
1 Handband (Purses, briefcases and backpacks count as one)

At first that might seem sufficient to you but once you begin packing — some things might change

When you’re going away for the first time it is important to take things which you will most likely NOT find in the country. Basic things like cosmetics, linen, toiletry items and food aren’t necessary to carry from home. You can buy it when you get there.

There are some special things that I always like to carry.. My favorite candy and good books. My list of favorite things have slowly diminished! But my point is to everyone its not important to take deodorant, tons of socks, food because it can all be bought.
mac and cheeseOne thing that i know Europe doesn’t have and that most Americans like is Macaroni and Cheese boxes! Yes, its a classic and it doesn’t weight a lot, so I do recommend if you’re a picky eater go ahead and buy some Mac and Cheese!

My List of Recommendations For Luggage

I usually like a rolling duffle bag type of luggage cases. Right now I’m using a High Sierra duffle bag that is converted into a backpack..It was expensive ($149) for a duffle bag but it is high quality. I’d rather spend money on a bag that I can use for several years than a cheap one. Airport baggage handlers could care less about how they toss your bags..

High Sierra - A.T. Gear Access 36

A.T. Gear Access 36″ Drop-Bottom Wheeled Duffel