Have you had the bad experience of being on a team where the team didn’t pay? Well it actually happens more than you think. I have had the displeasure of being on two teams that paid extremely late and to me it felt the same. But not being paid at all for your hard work is should not be tolerated. I have been meaning to write about this topic during the last year but not sure how to approach it. But those teams who don’t pay should be noted and exposed.

The last thing I would like to see is another player suffer the same. More people should speak up. Which brings me to this post, over at Eurobasket someone has posted a few teams that don’t pay. Of course things could change a year later, but it is best to find out first if personnel has changed before you head off to the same team.

Here is the list:

KC Dombovar (Hungary) – my friend can’t get over 6000$ and there are many cases in the courts there.

Unia Tarnow (Poland) – no money at all

Polonia Warszawa (Poland) – this season is beter but in the past it was terrible

Stal Ostrow Wielkopolski (Poland) – they’re not paying last paychecks

Please add to the list, it will be anonymous!