Athletic Scholarships
Do Scholarships Just Happen??… NO


Most Parents Rarely Know…
how to get their son or daughter an athletic basketball scholarship to help pay for college. In fact, very few high school coaches even know enough to help a great college-bound athlete get recruited – beyond pointing them out to a few college coaches they personally know. Athletes who should have been recruited graduate … unrecruited.

You Can Be An Exception.
Find out how basketball athletic recruiting really works. You can learn the secrets to getting recruited from Jon Fugler & Ron Johnston, co-Authors of The Recruit-Me Athletic Scholarship System. They’ll show you how to run your own campaign using their step-by-step recruiting system – for a fraction of the cost of a recruiting service or consultant. There are a lot of companies out there that promise you will get recruited by using their services, but as I always recommend you can do so much better by doing it yourself. Only you know how to “market” yourself!

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