Coach Wooden

I should have listened
You were teaching me
But I felt like
My prior basketball experience was more potent
Than your century
And can you guess
What I learned to define as success
It was baskets
Win or lose I had to be the best
Lost in a world where identity claims player performance
Ignored all warnings
Judged only by game nights
And the loses caused no confusion because I did everything right
My points my rebounds I am bigger than this team
When the game is over I look at my statistics
Say F*** it
If I would have just got the ball more we could have won this shit
Coach needs to be fired teammates need to be replaced
No I donĀ“t want to do
an interview
Can you get the camera out of my face
I was the cancer infecting the entire organization
And only on one occasion
Did I begin to see
That it was not the team,
It was ME.

Author Anonymous