Love of my life

Love of my life where have you taken me?
Foreign faces and places and languages a like
Love of my life why have you forsaken me?
For no matter what I do it does not seem right
This life, a game, I pretend to play
But when odds are 2 and 4 instead of 1 and 3
I think the game is playing me
I have cheated to get here but not cheated enough
The odds are odder than this
The higher you go up
The more you fight to exist
The more existence fights you
For the game
Will always remain
Long after you are through
The nights are rare
Where you can swear
That you were the master
Everything you shot went in
Follow through or no follow through
You were 10 for 10
You vowed that you can play this way again
But never again did you play the same
And although you played to win
You got played by the game.

Author Anonymous