LetMePlay basketball organization is organizing a basketball camp in August for Pro Players (male and female).
There will be worldwide famous coaches (including strength and conditioning coaches) and scouts coaching the attendingplayers.

Here are some of the advantages of our camp for the players and their future professional career:

  1. Being in an international atmosphere lets them perform their abilities in front of coaches and journalist coming from all over the world.
  2. Having lots of international teammates gives them an opportunity to value themselves with the players from different countries.
  3. The games played with the local teams give them an idea about the level and status of the basketball of the hosting country.
  4. The coaches attending & organizing the camp are very good opportunity for them to learn different tactics and develop different ideas in the form of game structure.
  5. The opportunity of presenting their talents in front of the coaches, scouts, managers and journalists is probably the best part of such camps letting them being introduced to the whole world.

Players from 14 countries have participated our camp so far. I will interview the most successful players of the camp and post their statistics and interviews to Eurobasket.com and at least 2 more local websites. The very successful players might even have the opportunity to have scholarships.

Visit: www.letmeplay.co.uk