Every year Horsens Basketball Club look for reinforments for our womens team. Currently, we are looking for a player that can play the 2-3-4 positions.

A few facts about womens basketball in Denmark:

* The primary league has 7 teams for the 2005-2006 season
* Names of players playing in Denmark last season : Bess Greenberg, Binghamton; Sarah Cartmill, Binghamton; Kay Mikolajczak, Wisconsin-Oshkosh; Tynecia Pam
* Most of the teams have a lot of young players.
* Danish clubs pay the salary you have agreed upon. On time
* Most club want you to work as a coach for youth teams.
* Our best youth players go to the USA on division I colleges; Kiki Lund, Sarah Lini; Anna Nedovic

A few facts about Horsens Basketball Club

* We have apprx. 110-130 members
* We have a womens team in the primary league; “Dameligaen”
* We have a mens team in 1. division, the second best league for men
* We have youth teams at all levels
* We finished at 5th place last year

If you are interested in coming to Denmark and play please send an email to formand@horsensbc.com. Please include all relevant information. If we can’t find an openning for you we will forward your stats to other Danish club.

View Website: www.horsensbc.com