One thing that I have not mentioned about traveling overseas is getting your passport early enough. I luckily had a passport much earlier than I even anticipated that I would be playing basketball overseas professionally.


Some passport tips:

1. If this is your senior year and you don’t have a passport get it NOW.

Don’t wait until the last minute because you NEVER know when you will be called for your first opportunity to play overseas.

2. Get the right photo size picture taken. I have seen many times that people get the wrong size photos. Go to a place like, Ritz Camera, Ofoto or even CVS. But always ask for your countries appropriate passport size picture. (Remember to smile :-D)

3. Fill out the papers the correct way. This page will show you how to get it done:
(at least for american citizens)

If you were like me and have been issued a passport that is still valid just make sure you keep up with the expiring date. I was in Finland my second year during December and I had to do a renewal in Finland. It was fine because all I had to do was send my current passport (i was nervous) to the embassy and in 2 weeks I was ready to come home for Christmas 🙂

So the most important thing is get your passport application started today, not tomorrow. Be prepared for everything!

Good luck