The WBCBL is now the Women’s Basketball Development Association

The New Womens Basketball Summer League

Details for Players..

Your participation in the WBCBL will allow your talents and skills to be evaluated by professional basketball scouts and agents. Our network of agents has a proven track record of job placement for dozens of athletes who are currently playing professional basketball.

Of course, there is no guarantee that you will be signed to a professional contract. As a WBCBL player, your chances of going pro are about 1 in 20. In the event that you are offered a professional contract, make sure that you have all of your bases covered. There are numerous basketball scams and phony basketball camps that can make a genuine opportunity hard to recognize. Do your research on the offering team and the geographical location of that team.

For more information about going pro, check out:

Q: Is there any pay involved?

A: Little or None.

The WBCBL is not responsible for any promises made by WBCBL teams. Each WBCBL team is independently owned and operated.

Q: What does the WBCBL offer?


The WBCBL is a league designed to show scouts what you are capable doing in live game situations.

Q: How do I tryout for a WBCBL team?

A: WBCBL Free Agent Tryouts & Draft will be held in early March (Keep checking for details)

Q: Where are the teams located?

A: Currently: Arlington, Dallas, Grand Prairie, Ft. Worth, Houston and Atlanta, GA

For the 2005 season, all WBCBL games will be held at the same facility on Thursday-nights & Saturdays afternoons at: Our Redeemer Lutheran Church – 7611 Park Ln. in Dallas, TX 75225