Jeff House of Hoop HQ gives his advice for female basketball players who are seeking to play professional basketball. Quoted and edited from an email:

Playing opportunities right now to gain exposure is very important. Go to www.nwbl .com and look up the contact information for each of the teams in the league. The NWBL is getting better and better each year. The number of WNBA players staying home to play in the league has gone from 2 to over 30 in the last 3 – 4 years. Problem with any minor league is that you won’t make any money. The NWBL games start this week, and most of the teams are set. If you do have an agent, or someone who can advocate for you, I would have them call each of the NWBL teams ASAP.

Rosters for overseas teams American players are pretty much set for this season, unless a team decides to make a change. Basketball has a very good book with all the European info in it. That site is a better resource than I for overseas basketball contacts. Again, agents are your best bet for overseas. They all have teams that they have dealt with and can find out about player openings right away.

If you do not end up with a spot in the NWBL or overseas then start researching and planning for free agent camps. The WNBA runs a predraft camp the first weekend in April, usually, and around that same time there are other free agent camps run to allow players to gain exposure in front of WNBA personnel and agents. BE CAREFUL! Some of these events are just a way for agents and other to make money! Be sure that they have commitments from WNBA and other pro basketball personnel to be at the camp. Those camps will cost you money, and your travel expenses.

It is January, so time is important. Training camp invites for players in the WNBA will begin to happen soon. You don’t want to waste time on this.