I just realized that an online flight auction company that I used several years ago is back in business. I’m not sure why they went away but this company was bar none the best place to be for auction flights. I took a chance with them in 2001 but Skyauction exceeded my expectations. I was overseas playing basketball in Finland and I saw an auction for two people to travel for a mininum of $430 round trip for 10 days. If anyone could have seen me watching on the dial up computer at a friends house the ending of the auction, you would think I was crazy. But I had never seen anything like this before at that time. So luckily I did win the auction and my mom and her best friend visited Finland for 10 days for $230 each. I remember that year there were a lot of cheap auction flights to the more popular european countries like: Spain, France, Italy and Germany.

NOW they are back and I am really excited about it. I told everyone about that website years ago but for some reason the company name changed and everything else. So now I hope SkyAuction is here to stay.

If you are playing overseas now or in the future visit SkyAuction.com and bookmark it immediately. Because you are playing overseas you can keep a watch for your family and friends to visit cheap. I think everyone who reads this should go ahead over there now to see the great flights because they go fast!!

Good luck and enjoy!! 🙂 🙂