I usually don’t watch a lot television because I’m mainly stuck to my computer but last week there was a piece on Access Hollywood about Oprah Winfrey’s big secret. The secret was announced today in the season debut. It was a BIG SECRET.

She presented all of her guest to the Oprah Winfrey Show a brand new car. See it for yourself: Oprah’s Secret

I only wish I could do something BIG like that for other people. I guess this is start with this website. Touching people from the heart for me is one of the biggest things I value in life. Whether its this website or something not related to the internet, I will try my best. With a lot of cash like Oprah I can only imagine my goals to make other people happy and life rewarding by giving.

Oprah is simply one of the best role models and icon’s in society today. 🙂

Soon I will be unleashing something on smaller scale (:D) but it will help everyone!