An easy to follow system that will help you to make more shots quickly and with confidence!

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  1. Does your team shoot inconsistently from the field?
  2. Does your team shoot erratically from the free throw line?
  3. Does your team keep making the same mistakes?
  4. Are you unsure why your teams shots aren’t going in?
  5. Are you tired of losing games by just a few points because of easy missed shots?

Did you know most youth games are decided by 5 points or less?

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The Intro

Basketball has been a passion of mine for a long time. From the first time I picked up a ball, I was hooked. I spent many hours shooting and dribbling in my driveway and at school. I played basketball from 3rd though 8th grade, making the conference All-Star team my last season. As I entered high school, I continued my career, but also became involved in coaching. I quickly found out 3 things:

1. Everyone thinks they know how to shoot a basketball.

2. Everyone shoots the ball differently (and probably not correctly).

3. Everyone could use some improvement on their shooting technique.

I have now been coaching youth basketball over 18 years, as well as being the Supervisor of almost 50 basketball coaches and assistant coaches. In that time, I have developed different styles of teaching players the correct way of shooting, looking to find the most simple and easy-to-understand technique that can be used by players of all ages. What I am about to present to you is a culmination of that process. I have successfully taught many players this method, and continue to do so. This book is aimed at players and coaches, beginners and experienced alike.

The First Step of a Successful Jump Shot

Establish a solid base

Just as you establish a good base to shoot a lay-up, you must also have a good base to shoot a jump shot. The base that we are looking to create is one that keeps you in balance. A good jump shot can’t be shot if you are off balance.

So let’s look at the base, which is basically the positioning of the feet and legs. Your feet should be about shoulder width apart. If they are too wide or too narrow, you will be falling to the side. Shoulder width apart with your toes pointing at the shooting target is my preferred way.

Try this position now. If you put your feet shoulder width apart, and slightly flex your knees, you will see that a solid base has been formed. Your body is balanced, and you will be able to spring straight up to shoot your jump shot. Now try spreading your feet more than shoulder width. Feels pretty awkward, doesn’t it? Try now putting your feet right next to each other and flexing your knees. Your body is no longer in balance, as you start leaning to one side. Just imagine if you tried to shoot the ball like this. There is no way your shot would progress on the path you intend. For the jump shot to work properly, your entire body must work together, and establishing a solid base is the first crucial step.