What I am about to tell you will help you get your name out there almost cost free.

How often do you come across people quickly but don’t have enough time to network in the world of basketball?I’m sure quite a lot. I have thought of a way you can benefit from the short small talk and the person will still remember you.


Well, you can get a business card as a short profile card. Its pretty simple to and very cost free. All you would need is some creativity and use your space on the small business card wisely. Here is a list of the most important things to place on the card. You are allotted 11 lines on each business card

1. Name
2. Email Address
3. Phone Number (cell & home)
4. Fax Number
5. Last place played: University, Professional Experience, Leagues
6. Short line of statistics: PTS, REBOUNDS, FT%, FG%, ASSIST
7. Mention if you have a video available: “Video Available”
8. Any important awards: Only the best!!

There are 30 designs to choose from and the best part is you get 250 business cards free!! All you do is pay for the shipping and handling, which is around $5.95. Its a no brainer deal.

Remember to give them out as often as possible. Whoever you give them out to, they will remember and can pass your information along easily!!

To get the free business cards view this link: https://www.basketball-overseas.com/bizcards.html

Don’t waste time on this great opportunity and these business cards are available worldwide!