A Step-by-Step Guide To Promoting Athletes to College Scouts


No longer will you waste your precious dollars on a recruiting service. With Terry Nelson’s revolutionary new product, any athlete will be able to promote themselves to colleges and universities.

Attention: Athletes, Parents, Coaches, and Athletic Directors! Stop wasting your money on recruiting services. Terry Nelson’s revolutionary new product INSIDER’S SECRETS: HOW TO PROMOTE ATHLETES TO COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES teaches you how to do what the so-called “experts” do without spending a small fortune. More info

No longer will athletes go an entire high school or junior college career without getting the exposure necessary to participate on the college and university level. INSIDER’S SECRETS: HOW TO PROMOTE ATHLETES TO COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES will arm you with the knowledge and tools necessary to be your own recruiting service.

Why are there so many recruiting services popping up all over the Internet?

1) Most of these services are very good and they achieve their goals.

2) Parents are looking for other means of getting their son/daughter the exposure necessary to get an athletic scholarship.

3) High school coaches are over-worked and under-paid; thus recruiting services fill a void.

4) They are very profitable for the recruiting service! Recruiting Services can make a lot of money from unaware families.


Why Is Insider’S Secrets: How To Promote Athletes To Colleges & Universities better than signing up for a recruiting service?

1. Less money:

· Spend just $24.95 for INSIDER’S SECRETS: HOW TO PROMOTE ATHLETES TO COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES as compared spending up to $1,200 for a recruiting service.

No renewal fees!

No middle man to hire!

2. You’re in control:

You decide to whom you send your athlete profile.

· Your private information is not available for recruiting services to sell to their business associates.

· Work at your own pace to fit your own schedule.

INSIDER’S SECRETS: HOW TO PROMOTE ATHLETES TO COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES is ideal for coaches that want to promote their players to colleges and universities. If you’re a coach, you know how frustrating it can be when you have good talent, but college coaches are unaware of them. Terry Nelson’s program will show you how to effectively market their talents to college recruiters across the country. You will look like a GENIUS when your athletes are earning scholarships at an alarming rate!

No longer will you coach in vain. The greatest reward for a coach is when players move on to compete on the next level. There is no greater feeling than to be in the stands of a college-level game being played by your former players.

Parents, if your son/daughter is fortunate enough to gain an athletic scholarship and save thousands of dollars on college tuition, isn’t that worth spending $24.95? The biggest investment you will ever make is in your children. Parents have an obligation to try to better the quality of life for their children.

INSIDER’S SECRETS: HOW TO PROMOTE ATHLETES TO COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES will give your son/daughter a sense of hope. If they are talented, take classes seriously, and possess a tireless work ethic, there are over 2,000 colleges and universities that need their talent.

Don’t be fooled by “FREE” recruiting services. They may not charge you anything but they are charging the college coaches hundreds of dollars to sign up for their service. Remember there are hundreds of these “FREE” recruiting services popping up on a daily basis. College coaches are not going to pay for every web-based recruiting service that claims to have the top athletes listed on their site. If you use one of these “FREE” recruiting services and coaches are not subscribing to their services, then you are wasting your time. Time that you do not have when you are trying to get an athletic scholarship. Every moment it crucial to getting the attention of college recruiters.

“FREE” recruiting services make money on both ends: they get paid from college coaches and they also get paid from businesses looking to buy their mailing lists. Since the recruiting service is “FREE” there may be thousands of athletes that signed up for this service. They assume that the “FREE” service is doing what it advertises. They might even entice you to subscribe by telling you that they will give you a free product if their business associates can send you information about their company and products that they sell. Before you know it, your information is being distributed and passed around to multiple companies. Sooner or later you will begin to receive annoying telephone calls from tele-marketers trying to sell you products that you don’t want.

INSIDER’S SECRETS: HOW TO PROMOTE ATHLETES TO COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES will never sell your information to anyone because you control to whom you send your information.

Terry Nelson’s program is simple and easy to use. Anyone can follow the easy, read-along format.

INSIDER’S SECRETS: HOW TO PROMOTE ATHLETES TO COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES is the one essential program that is a must-buy product for any athlete serious about playing sports in college. The information that he have contained in Terry Nelson’s program would cost you on average $300.00 using a recruiting service. He knows what they are doing because he worked for a national recruiting service. Why pay someone else’s salary to do what you could do on your own?

Help start the revolution of athletes that take destiny in their own hands.

Terry Nelson’s ebook program is designed for those athletes that need a little help exposing their talents to college recruiters. High school athletes that are ranked in the top 100 of their class according to scouting services don’t need a recruiting service. Many other athletes do! There are literally thousands of athletes of all sports that need help attracting attention from college scouts. McDonald’s All-American and USA Today-Parade All-Americans do not need assistance, but others do.

College coaches only have 30 days for their staff to scour the country and abroad to search for talent. They use their time wisely and they try to evaluate as many athletes as they possibly can. They attend as many events and visit as many schools as time permits. This is the very reason that so many recruiting services are popping up all over the internet. They are the companies that stand in the gap and act as the bridge between college scouts and talented athletes. They perform a service in which the parents are billed for hundreds of dollars. A service that anyone with a computer can duplicate for only $24.95.

We are at a place and time in our country were jobs are being eliminated at an alarming rate. The economy is not what it used to be and hard earned money is becoming harder to let go. More and more people are saving instead of spending on things they deem as unnecessary. What is unnecessary is spending hundreds of dollars for a recruiting service. Do it yourself!

Pioneer a revolution of athletes taking their future in their own hands. Order the easiest and most cost effective recruiting product on the market.


· Information on how to prepare athletic profiles

· NCAA Clearinghouse Regulations

· Collegiate Scholarships, Loans, and Financial Aid information

· SAT/ACT registration information, test dates

· How to prepare and send video tapes

· Sample cover letters to University Coaches

· And more…

Also when you order your copy of Terry Nelson’s ebook INSIDER’S SECRETS: HOW TO PROMOTE ATHLETES TO COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES you will also receive a copy of Terry Nelson’s monthly newsletter FREE! Terry Nelson’s newsletter contains the latest information regarding recruiting and scholarship information. It also contains success stories of athletes that have used Terry Nelson’s program to promote themselves and received an athletic scholarship. A $19.00 value.

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