WHEN: June, 23 th – 28th
WHERE: Palaverde, Treviso – accomodations

Treviso Summer League is coming for the 7th time in a row: since 1997, the late part of june has become a fixed date for international agents and managers and every basketball fan. With the last week of June, the basketball world revolves around Palaverde with tradings, future strategies, search for new players among the 100 athletes who take part in the Summer League contest, with a field of 8 teams playing 16 games, 4 per day. In the last 6 years many players exploited this chance offered by Treviso Summer League to step up and become basketball stars: the first and most important one has been Michael Stewart, now playing for Cleveland Cavaliers (Nba), followed by Olumide Ojededij (Miami Heats), and many top European players like Milan Gourovic (World Champion with the Yugoslavian National Team), Sam Hines (Oregon Cantù, Italian League), Brad Traina (top scorer of the Bundesliga in Germany, with Telekom Bonn), Alan Tomidy (Euro Roseto), Arsene Ade Mensah, Brian Oliver, Oriol Junyent, Dwayne Jefferson (top scorer of the Turkish League), James Larranaga, Joe Brown (top Belgian scorer), Veljko Mrsic, Mindaugas Timinskas. Many international and italian media will focus on Treviso Summer League, as it happens with the tv broadcast of 4 matches, granted by Tele+.