Playing basketball is a very intriguing profession. The idea of getting paid to play sounds so fun and can in fact fun. However most of the day of your life in a foreign country can go back very slow. Normally there two practices in day which could total around 3-5 hours during the day. Depending on many factors but this is the common normal day. So what do you do with the other 19hrs the day?

Personally, my first years of playing I could not keep still. I had to find something if not anything to do. Shopping was not one thing I like to do mainly because the country I was in, was very expensive and I’m not a big shopper. I spent many days in the local library and learning HTML. How to build a website and writing about my experiences.

For me this was just something to do for fun. It is still fun for me because I just developed this new site mainly for the players this summer. However last winter I learned something really great and found it hard to believe. There were people with not even half the talent or knowledge I had about making a nice looking website but were making thousands of dollars a month.

I had been struggling and almost given up on my dreams of gaining clients to develop websites for and earning money that way. I had seen the light after learning about “affiliate programs“. I know you are wondering what the heck is this.

Well I possibly knew as much as you knew about the name and or subject. I had been given examples of websites that my mother or brother could have done better and webmaster was making hundreds to thousands of dollars per month.

It is a pretty simple concept once you learn and it can be a dream job just like basketball. Honestly right now I am doing this part-time with regards to my basketball career and it works out well together. I can do my work during the extra hours when not playing and earn more money. Even when I sleep. Imagine what a concept.

Stop teasing me, must be what you are thinking. You want to know how where and when can you get started.

My first advice for you would be to research all you can about affiliate programs. When I started I read and visited a popular affiliate marketing forum almost everyday. I couldnt keep my eyes off of threads and topics about people earning over $10,000 a month and rising. Imagine that, at home, no boss and freedom of your own.

Before going on you need to know to be really successful it is best to know how to build a simple website. Using a content management system is the easy for beginners, CMS such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Blogger for most bloggers.

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Next, after you learn how to do this you can love onto to learning more and more about affiliate marketing. Being able to make a
website isn’t the only form of making it in this business. You can make money with email signatures, offline advertising and other things.


Networks – Most of the these companies you may or not need a website. Just an email is required for signing up and its totally free. The concept is easy they sign you up under a contract to do their marketing and pay you for paying customers.


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CJ – Many affiliates that I have seen proof have made at least $10,000 for only this network. Imagine the possibilities when you add the other popular networks.

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Google Adsense – After starting in this program in the first full month I personally earned over 200. However there are people making around $1000/per day and more.