Professional Basketball Insurance and Contracts

If you are heading overseas to play basketball or any sport make sure your contract includes full insurance in case of an injury. All teams should provide standard health insurance in the event some happens while playing. The health insurance in all the teams I have played on does not include dental insurance. However if something occurs while playing they should be liable to get it fixed, otherwise you are responsible if something does happen. For example, if you have a cavity or need teeth cleansing and any other related dental help.

If you are in the US and you don’t have dental insurance it is best to get coverage before going overseas to play. I have found that Dental have a wide variety of discount individual dental plans available. Some plans start at around $79.99 for the year with 3 months free. That deal is hard to beat, unless you have 9-5 job that offers dental insurance. This is perhaps the best alternative if you don’t have dental insurance and you are looking.

Some times overseas the prices for tooth filling’s, teeth cleaning, root canals, and etc could be more expensive or cheaper depending on which country. For example, in Spain I needed to get several of my teeth filled and it was cheaper than my old dentist back home. I got my teeth filled for 34 Euros without insurance but like I said it depends on the country.

If you want to take a chance than its up to you. But I highly recommend Dental service and plans. Search below for the offers and dentist that Dental Plans provide in your state.

Insurance Advice for Europeans

If you live in Europe and you wish to play basketball in the US (college team) your insurance situation is the same. However all college teams provide health insurance in case of any injuries. Dental Insurance is not provided in this case as well. If you will be in the USA playing basketball for a four year college it is best to have dental insurance so I recommend taking a look at Dental as well or ask your team for more information.