When you typically end a full season overseas you are ready to come home so fast. The basketball season can be exhausting if your team has made playoffs and you are there for an extra month or so. But its smart to keep contact with your former teams because you never know what will happen.

If you had a good relationship of course with that team it is very important. You play another season there or you could recommend someone that you know to play there. Even better they could help you find a new team if you want to move further ahead. All things are possible so it is great to keep in touch where you can!

Coming back to your hometown could be different because when you are away things just don’t stop. Life just goes on and the people around you do as well. It could feel weird when you come back and you realize that some things have changed and many things haven’t.

Make the most of your time at home and rest completely until you are ready to start back up with training and playing pick up ball. REST is very important when you end your season.

If you are able to host your own basketball camps to earn extra money that is a great way to start your Spring and Summers back home. Organizing a basketball camp can be quite difficult when you first start your planning.

We will provide some links that will help you get started with organizing your own camps or recommend small firms that could help you do it. One partner that we have is BSESPORTS and they have organized camps for WNBA players like Tamika Williams, Demya Walker, Adia Barnes and more. Those are just a sample of basketball players that they have helped and not limited to men!