Your first year out of college, you should probably keep saving your money in mind very often. Testing the basketball market overseas is key your first year. During your first or second years of playing professional basketball you will probably make the decision to stick with it or drop it depending on your success, failure or circumstances.

In which case, saving money for future plans is important if you plan to change careers. Professional basketball salaries only last during the season so you won’t receive any income outside of basketball if you are a regular average Joe. If you have endorsements and other outside rewards and benefits it could be substantial. You don’t have to think about saving so much.

Although I save most of the time and rarely buy things I try to keep in mind my goals and future plans if basketball does fail. An injury can change your career in a heartbeat so be smart with your money.

Key points for maintaining a good budget

1. Set a certain amount of money aside for food, entertainment, transportation (if not included)
2. Don’t lend money out to family, friends, and others (of course if it’s emergency)
3. Set a goal for which you will save during that year excluding expenses
4. Invest in some type of stock (Learn more about stocks here)
5. Open a savings account and keep a record of your spending at least once a month

If you follow some of those guidelines you should be set and ready to go.

After you first and second years of playing basketball you should have mastered budgeting your money, so now its time to increase your earnings has a professional athlete. If you perform well and improve each year it is important to ask for a raise and bonuses for each year you plan to play basketball with a particular club.

For example if you first year you earned $11,000 year (7-8 months average) and you performed outstanding and let your team to a championship then a raise is inevitable. So I guess you could next as for around 15,000 year next or more. This is just an estimate because it all depends on the team’s budget and how much they are will to invest in a player. So first impressions when you play are very important!

I don’t have exact basketball salaries here but if you perform well and get in the know you can ask for what you want. It all depends on exposure and where you have played.