Basketball Exposure

One of the most common questions about playing basketball overseas is being qualified enough to play.

Can I play overseas basketball if I don’t have much experience but great abilities?

YES!! Some type of organized basketball experience is important to most teams overseas. That’s not to say if you haven’t played organized basketball that you have no chance. If you have played one or two years in college and for some reason you couldn’t finish but you want to play, it’s still possible.

There are many free agent exposure camps that are going on throughout the year. Also some organizations tour Europe which you may or may not have to pay to join. However its an opportunity to showcase your skills in front of real coaches from overseas, agents, and basketball club managers.

Exposure basketball camps

Some basketball exposure camps cost between $100.00 – $250.00 for registration, excluding any transportation, food, and accommodations. So taking a chance could be worth it depending how much you want to play. It’s best to search the web for camps that could be possibly close to your home and jump on board! It can never hurt to try.

If you are in Christian organization there are many that tour overseas to do missionary work and play basketball as well. Those are great opportunities if you are interested in spreading the gospel and play basketball!

Where can I play overseas?

Well if you want to be realistic as to where you have to potential to play then you must think at what level you play right now. If you consistently practice and play against players that currently play organized basketball overseas, college, or professional in the states then you can probably measure your skills and abilities by that. Otherwise it would be very hard to say if you have a chance to play against anyone overseas.

But if I had to guess where a player should play if they don’t have much experience is to try the second or third divisions overseas. That way if you play well the coaches and clubs in that particular country will see your game and then start to make offers to play in the higher division. This approach in my opinion is the best option in terms of experience if you didn’t get the right exposure you wanted in or out of college.

The key is to get your basketball profile together with all stats, pictures, and a basketball highlight tape. The tape is important because no matter where you did or did not play, what your game time skills appear on tape is the most important to basketball clubs. You could fit to a team perfect and then you’re off to play 🙂