During my times in Finland I kept a short diary of the events that happened during the first years. Each year is different with every time you go to so be prepared for new things! Take a look

August 1999: First arrival to Finland!!!

September 1999: Swedish Tournament

October 1999: Autumn In Finland

November 1999: Metsa-Serla Club Party

December 1999: Christmas Party

January 2000: Tallina, Estonia
March 2000: Ruka Ski Trip

August 2000: Welcome Back!!!

September 2000: Finnish Cup Finalist (TBP: Dec.10 2000)
Season Begins!!

November 2000: Metsa-Serla Club Party

December 2000: Finnish Cup Finals!!!
Christmas Party

March 2001: Ruka Ski Trip!!
July 2001: Back to Finland to experience the nightless summer!

September 2001: Signed with Forssan Alku NiceBasketball Team

September 11th: The World Trade Center’s in New York City attacked by terrorist. America Unites !!!

November 2001: I visited home for Thanksgiving!!

December 2001: Christmas Party FoA

March 2002: FoA makes the playoffs and finishes with 3rd place and the Bronze Medal.