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Basketball and Beyond is a site dedicated to inform basketball players worldwide the advantages of playing basketball and practically any sport. The experiences that a person can endure are invaluable and rewarding at any level of competition.


What to Expect??

First, all your desire and will to play further than college will take you far as long as you trust your gut feeling about all your decisions. If you doubt something deep inside, more than likely you trust that feeling and weigh your options more thoroughly. When you leave college basketball you definitely on your own and making decisions about where to play can be challenging.

Second, you will have to find someway for teams to find you. There are many college basketball players coming out of college that want to continued playing basketball overseas and the states just as you. The most common way to get started is to find someone to represent you and help find a team that fits your needs. Basketball manager or basketball agent is the correct terms for people who you hire to find placement for you. You may have seen Jerry McGuire with Tom Cruise and Cuba Gooden and it’s a ballpark view of the player/agent relationship. So the next question you might ask is "SHOW ME THE MONEY".

Playing professional basketball has many rewarding things and making big money is possible if you have goals and determined to do well.

Third, before you can be showed the money you have to prove what you are worth. Coming out of college being well known is good but maintaining great/consistent statistics throughout your career is important as well. You don't have to average 20pts or more but a good shooting percentage is important, turnover/assist ratio, rebounds, and hustle points that aren't on the stat sheet. So if you are coming on your senior year be sure to write these important points down and create a goal for your final showcase season in college. It will help and insure you a place on a team overseas.

So if you have covered these suggestions then I can show you how to ask your agent to SHOW YOU THE MONEY. Get your best basketball game video tapes ready to send to your new basketball manager. Depending on what country your agent is pushing or which is interested in you its possible to make a bit of change during 7-8 months of a normal basketball season.

Visit the best overseas basketball teams section to get further information about which countries to avoid and the ones that you should pay most attention to!

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