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Player Camps and Basketball Combines

Player Camps and Basketball Combines

It’s Showtime!!

Player Camps and Combines are great For Coaches and Teams because you get to see a variety of players perform within two days for the price of one. There are many combine camps in the USA that have hundreds of attendees that want to land a contract for the next season. It can be overwhelming because there are so many players but it’s worth the while.

Basketball Combines like InfoSport Inc usually have camps for men and women around the same time so the coaches can view it all in one trip. If a representative from your league or team comes over to watch you can save a lot of hassle with tapes, player profiles, and other situations.

We will try to list basketball combine camps in the Basketball Forum as often as we receive information.

Some of the most popular camps are listed below:

2003-2004 Pro Basketball Exposure Camp
by Coates Sports Management

When: June 5th-6th 2004
Where: Boston (USA)

This camp will feature players of all positions. Their will be top division one players with potential NBA talent, as well as top Division 2 and 3 All- American players. Coates Sports Management has recruited quick point guards, athletic swingmen and strong 6-8 to 6-10 post players to attend our camp.

Coates Sports Management has invited many overseas team Presidents, Coaches, Managers and Scouts. This camp is being held at a top basketball facility at Basketball City in Boston. This is where the NBA Boston Celtics hold their camps . There are 3 full size courts available for play. The camp date is set for June 5th and June 6th . Our camp starts at 10 A. M. on Saturday and ends by 5 P.M. on Sunday.

Our camp will be run professionally on every level. We will only be accepting 80 top players to attend our camp. We are having 8 players maximum to a team; this is to insure equal playing time. Each team will be coached by an overseas scout or by Coates Sports Management personal. All games will be refereed by top high school and college refs. Each player will play between 2-3 games daily. There will be an All-Star game at the end of each day. Top players of the day will be invited to attend this game. Players will be assigned to a team roster that will also display their college attended, positions played, and jersey number. All scouts will be given team rosters for recruiting. Each player will have organized game schedules given to them on arrival of camp. Each Player has been advised to bring a professional resume and highlight tape with them.

Coates Sports Management will help all overseas scouts and players find low priced air flights, will provide discounted hotel rooms, and will help with travel to and from the airport. Each player will be given a roommate to keep costs at a minimal. Please contact us by Email, Phone, or fax to let us know if you need help with your travel arrangements and if you will be attending our camp. If you can’t attend the camp we would still like to do business with your team, we have excellent players that are good all-around people.


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