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Finding the Right Player

Finding the Right Player

Finding the right player can be a very difficult task for any team and coach. Not only does it depend on the financial situation of the club or organization, but it also depends on what your team really needs. Most teams go into recruiting by looking at the players with the best statistics and well known popular players. It is quite normal to want and try to get the best player available.

However there are possibilities of players that are too expensive for the team’s budget. Players without stand out statistics are some of the most hidden treasures. There are a lot of things that aren't recorded as a statistic in basketball. Hustling, diving for loose balls, taking charges and among others that are vital to a teams success.

So what type of player do you want?

If a player had a complete package of points, rebounds, defense and all the other small things, it would be smart to snatch that person fast. A lot of great players have an edge over average players, whilst some average players work harder than the great players so it can be difficult to see that once you sign a player.

Players that want to be found are probably the most eager to perform well and succeed. We have put Basketball Overseas together to aid the player and team’s future. Profiles of men and women basketball players are listed and a request for a video as well.

Search our Basketball Overseas Forum for more information and post.

The Evaluation Period

During the time when you or your team evaluate a particular player it would be good to look for plus and minuses of the player. If you are looking for a Michael Jordan type of player make sure his/her statistics show that they are able to perform. Otherwise you are wasting the time of you and the player.

Remember when a player gets off of the airplane from traveling far a distance, jet lag can hinder basketball performance. It is better for the player and for the team to allow more than a few hours before they begin testing!

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