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Representing Yourself as a Free Agent without Basketball Agent

Yes it's possible! All you need is a lot of courage, time, patience, and good persuasive abilities. Ok maybe I'm stretching it too much but you can play anywhere without an agent but be cautious. Here is a list of Pros and Cons of being a free agent and representing yourself.

Pro's of Representing Yourself Without a Basketball Agent

- You know exactly what you're getting into
- Direct communication with teams and management
- Negotiate what you want
- Work hard and know it

Con's of Representing Yourself Without a Basketball Agent

- No legal help or partners in that particular country when/if things get hard
- Not much prior knowledge of team, management or players
- Deal could go bad and you could be stuck
- If things go bad it will be difficult to change teams fast without an agent/manager

As all things have its good and bad points but overall if you have determination you could be very successful. With an agent a percentage is taken from your potential salary. The percentage isn't taken out of your salary but if your season salary is $15,000 and your agent's fee is 10%, then the team would pay them directly 10% of $15,000 which would be $1,500. It would not come out of your monthly salary!

But if you represented yourself you could ask for more money without agent fees. Its not a lot more but it could be more for you. Add bonuses and things how you see fit but of course with negotiations with the management before you sign. Before you sign any contract if you representing yourself its best to get a lawyer to look over it first.

Basketball Agents commission and percentages vary each management agency but the range is between 3% - 10%. Most overseas agents take between 8% - 10% at average if you do want to get a basketball managemer.

NOTE: Be very cautious if you attempt to represent yourself. Contact me for more information and suggestions.


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