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Basketball and Beyond is a site dedicated to inform basketball players worldwide the advantages of playing professional basketball and practically any sport. The experiences that a person can endure are invaluable and rewarding at any level of competition.


Finland Timeline

 Finland Timeline

     August 1999:       First arrival to Finland!!!

September 1999:      Swedish Tournament    

    October 1999:       Autumn In Finland

 November 1999:       Metsa-Serla Club Party

 December 1999:       Christmas Party

   January 2000:        Tallina, Estonia

      March 2000:        Ruka Ski Trip

     August 2000:        Welcome Back!!!

September 2000:      Finnish Cup Finalist (TBP: Dec.10 2000)
                               Season Begins!!

November 2000:       Metsa-Serla Club Party

 December 2000:       Finnish Cup Finals!!!
                                Christmas Party

       March 2001:        Ruka Ski Trip!!

          July 2001:        Back to Finland to experience the nightless summer!

September 2001:       Signed with Forssan Alku NiceBasketball Team

September  11th:       The World Trade Center's in New York City attacked by terrorist. America Unites !!!

November  2001:        I visited home for Thanksgiving!!

December  2001:        Christmas Party FoA

       March 2002:        FoA makes the playoffs and finishes with 3rd place and the Bronze Medal.