Send money from European bank to US Bank Cheap

transfer money from europe to usa cheap

Transferring your hard earned money from Europe or anywhere outside of the USA can be challenging and in fact very very expensive to say the least. Most teams will help you get an account to better organize your finances and to make it easier for them to transfer money to you. This is great in […]

Gatorade Commercial Castings By Oneworld Sports Agency

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Are you a basketball player in great athletic shape? Would you like to be in a Gatorade commercial by the Oneworld Sports Agency? The Oneworld Sports Agency was selected to cast for the new Gatorade commercial “Keep Your Cool“. View presentation pdf If any pro basketball players are interested in being featured in this Gatorade […]

Pro Team Contacts 2012-2013


The Pro Overseas Basketball Teams contacts have been updated for the current 2012-2013 seasons! The price has been reduced from $24.97 to $19.97.. now is the best time to order! We will be working on a mobile version in the near future so stay tuned. If you are a current member login to see the […]

Spanish Basketball Leagues App – Apple Appstore


  ★★ Finally, track and read news about Spanish Basketball.★★ The Spain Basketball app is loaded with features so that can check news, scores and stats for the following leagues. ✓ ACB ✓ LEB ORO ✓ LEB Plata ✓ LF ✓ LF2 ✓ EBA ✓ Spain National Teams (Men & Women) ► Easy Language Selection […]

iTouchStats Basketball Review


iTouch Stats is another great basketball app for any iDevice, best used with iPad/iPhone/. This app used for tracking basketball stats on the go, is the first to edit and add photos for individual players in the stats screen. View the screenshot below. As you see, the dogs are the example images used for the […]

Top Basketball Stats Apps


Keeping track of your progress is good. However, being obsessed isn’t. Tracking is good to see your weak and strong areas, so that you can improve and become a great all around player. Plus, if you are trying to play basketball overseas it is important to keep track as well. Below are the top four […]

Save Your Hard Drive Space of Videos

dropbox invite

I’m sure you that you have lots of basketball highlight videos on your hard drive or maybe on DVD. I know recently after purchasing my Macbook pro I decided to make use of cloud services such as to upload and back up my media files. I don’t serve any important documents on cloud websites […]

2009-10 Pro Contacts Update


I’ve been working hard on getting the newest season Pro Team Contacts 2009/10. Basketball teams overseas address, logo, telephone, address, fax and website information available. It should be complete by the end of the week. Current Country Contacts Updated: Brazil Men Austria Men & Women Italy Men & Women Germany Men & Women Ireland Men […]