Basketball Testimonial

This is a powerful poem written by a friend of mine Santia Jackson who had many obstacles before being able to play professional basketball overseas. I am currently finishing up designing her website which has video, photos and her total profile. Please if you ever thought about giving up on your dreams, read this poem. […]

Makin’ It

Makin’ It Work is power Power is commitment Commitment means struggle Struggle means progress Progress means persistance Persistance is to love one’s goal A goal is the dream The dream is the fate The fate is the journey The journey is god given God gives the ability The ability to make it The ability to […]

Basketball Poetry

Do you have skills to write poems? I don’t I’m not too good with poems at all. But thanks to those who have submitted their poems to Basketball Overseas. In case you want to enter your poetry into a contest. Visit to enter your poem to win. There are some talented writers out there […]

Basketball is life

Do you think that basketball is life? For most basketball players, basketball is there life. At one point in my life when I was younger I thought the same thing..All I wanted to do was play and play and everything basketball. There are many great stories of basketball players and their lives, their success, their […]

Coach Wooden

Coach Wooden I should have listened When You were teaching me But I felt like My prior basketball experience was more potent Than your century And can you guess What I learned to define as success It was baskets Win or lose I had to be the best Lost in a world where identity claims […]

Love of My Life

Love of my life Love of my life where have you taken me? Foreign faces and places and languages a like Love of my life why have you forsaken me? For no matter what I do it does not seem right This life, a game, I pretend to play But when odds are 2 and […]