22ft Europe Play Pro Basketball Tryouts


22ft will be holding their annual trials and showcases for both men and women for contracts with European clubs at the above locations. This year as last year, we are looking at individual workouts and assessments this year as well as the group drills, the coach’s games and the briefings. The dates this year are the 25th of May for the Men and 26th May for the Women. 22ft has assembled various contracts with European clubs, coaches, scouts and other representatives from European clubs who have expressed an interest to hire American players and talent in the USA who want to go overseas and play in Europe or wish to have representation.

Where: Byrnes High School,Greenville/Spartanburg, South Carolina
Date: 25th & 26th of May, 2013

  • Preregistration required.
  • With Contracts from European Leagues,
  • Tournament Play, Workouts, Drill Sessions,

Now’s the time to show us what you’ve got!

Download the Brochure and Info .. View current basketball jobs available




  1. Thomas Mayberry says

    All IMMA say is that my talent is at the top right now I’m probably the best 5’10 point for you team not being cocky just saying

  2. Reginal Wright says

    I’m 6’3 200 PG/SG.
    Strong Point: DEFENSE/ Mid-Range
    I have a confident handle an I’m a excellent rebounder
    Wing span: 6’7

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