Play Pro Basketball Overseas 7-Step Video Course

I get questions daily from players asking how to play basketball overseas. Even with all of the resources from sites like Basketball Overseas, Basketball Connect and Basketball Agencies, some players are still confused.

If you are ready to play overseas then my friend Augie Johnston who is currently playing pro basketball in Germany will specifically show you exactly how to become a professional basketball player. Augie’s course gives you some downright sneaky tricks to give you direct contact with teams and agents that 90% of players do not know.  These are the exact same techniques that players have used in the past to land jobs playing professional basketball internationally.

The organized 7-Step video course is good and I’ve checked it out personally before recommending it to you.

Check out the preview below

Good luck and tell my friend Augie that I sent ya!
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  1. Roderick Mcgahee says

    I played in a couple of semi pro teams but none of them stayed running for long … Bad management is always the case….. Greedy GMs … lol But if you have any contacts could you ask them would they assist me in my career…. Im 27 yrs old and live in a small town in Georgia called . McDuffie County ….. Im 6’3 200 pound i can play alll posistiond really cause i can reallyu get off the floor quick ….. And Defense is my favorite ….. Or if your alredy over there some where let a agent do research on me…. My name is Roderick McGahee ….. My email is . Contact me soon …

  2. Drequez Patterson says

    Hey my name is Drequez Patterson and i will be playing for eufaula Highschool this year im 5’6 and weigh 130 i play PG/SG and i love to play defense there is nothing like the feeling of shutting the other guard down. Im a Sophmore right now but i was wondering could i play overseas after i graduate and then enter the draft if so please reply. My email is Thanks for your time.

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