Jeremy Tyler High School To Pro In Europe


Just after writing about Brandon Jennings success in Europe more high school players are opting or looking at the option to play pro basketball in Europe instead of attending college. Jeremy Tyler is another high school sensation who is planning his new season abroad in Europe to make himself eligible for the 2011 NBA Draft. There are pros and cons to this option.. I think it all depends on the individual, however some say that college is not for everyone. This is true, however playing a professional sport is not always guaranteed for the rest of your life.

I personally get a lot of questions from high school players who want to for seek a Europe pro contract. If that is what you want you will need to be the following

  • Extremely well known player (basically a top recruit)
  • Helped your team to titles or state championships
  • A well known basketball agent
  • Played in front of European coaches in tournaments in Europe (helps a lot)

What do you think??


  1. Donnie rigsby says

    Are there any tryouts close to Kentucky or what can I do to get noticed. I’m 23 years old with two kids and a full time construction job and no time I know I can play I just wanna prove it please help me get my questions answered

  2. mo says

    you may want to start with trying out for teams in leagues like the aba or cba, etc. they have local tryouts with teams in the united states in big and small cities sure they don’t pay that much and are not overseas, but they are good for exposure and you can use them to build a “resume” and try out for larger leagues like the nbadl. Also, those smaller leagues often have schedules that allow you to keep your full time job with limited travel on weekends and such. good luck.

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